Artwork Guidelines

Please review these guidelines to determine if your artwork file will necessitate an artwork quote.

The screen printing & embroidery process requires artwork files to be submitted in a vector (scalable) format for proper printing. The resolution quality of vector artwork always stays sharp and clean when increased in size.

The following are acceptable vector file formats:
- Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
- Encapsulated Post Script (.eps)
- Portable Document Format (.pdf)*

Don't have vector artwork?

If your artwork is not a vector file it is most likely a raster (pixel-based) file which cannot be enlarged without a loss of quality. Typical raster file formats include: PSD, JPG, TIFF, BMP and PNG

To determine whether you have vector or raster artwork just open your file and zoom in. If your artwork appears blurry as you zoom, it is most likely a raster file and will need to be re-illustrated. Our in-house graphic designers can redraw your artwork in the required vector format. Please contact us for an artwork quote. Artwork quotes vary depending on the complexity of the image.

*PDF documents can contain raster images; zoom in on artwork file to determine.

If you are submitting your own vector artwork created with Adobe Illustrator (or a similar vector program) please make sure to convert any text into ‘outlines’. This process converts live editable fonts into vector illustration elements. This prevents any automatic font substitutions if we don’t have the font style in our system.

The size of artwork used for printing is determined based on the size and variety of garments in your order unless a specific size is requested.

Artwork proofs will be sent via email usually within 24 to 48 business hours after order has been placed. Proofs are not to scale and are used for visual placement only. All digital artwork proofs must be approved by email or signed and faxed. Once approval is given there will be no further changes to the order.

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