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Allegro Industries Manhole Safety Items

Every year, dozens of people perish while entering, working or trying to exit manholes associated with septic, sewer, gas, piping and electrical work under ground. Take steps to help minimize the risk of accident with Allegro Industries selection of manhole safety items including manhole ventilation pass thru devices, guard rails for manholes, and manhole lid lifters. Critical devices for gas detection are also available by RKI Industries.

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Allegro Manhole Guard Rail 9401

33"x33"x42" Allegro Manhole Guard Rail

Item # BAL-9401
Brand: Allegro Industries
Steel, yellow, 33" L x 33" W x 42" H, 2 hooking chains
Allegro Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter 9401-26

Allegro Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter

Item # BAL-9401-26
Brand: Allegro Industries
Steel dolly, 6' 8" fully extended handle, magnet lift weight 900lbs for flat items, lift weight 450lbs for round items

Allegro Manhole Ventilation Passthru (MVP)

Item # BAL-9510-50
Brand: Allegro Industries
8", 90° elbow and built in mounting, polyethylene, yellow