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Tree Work Ahead 48"x48" Roll Up Safety Sign

Tree Work Ahead Roll Up Traffic Safety Sign 48x48

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Universal bracket, black, lightweight
Auto-latch bracket, for use working along secondary roads or inner city streets
Auto-latch bracket, telescopic legs, NCHRP350 approved
Rigid bracket, telescopic legs, NCHRP350 approved
Universal bracket, telescopic legs, NCHRP350 approved
Aluminum coupling, 2' extension tube, black
Item #: XTR-RE4848TWAOC

Product Info

Brand: Bone Safety Signs

Reflective Signs provide excellent daytime and/or nighttime visibility. Anti-kiting straps eliminate sail effects caused by wind. Include heavy-duty rib assembly. Hook and loop storage strap keeps signs rolled up when not in use. This hi vis reflective fluorescent orange traffic sign reads, TREE WORK AHEAD, and measures 48"x48".

Item Specifications

  • Hi-Intensity Reflective Fluorescent Orange
  • 48" x 48"
  • 6.00 lbs per EA

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