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Be Prepared to Stop 48"x48" Roll Up Construction Traffic Sign

Bone 48x48 Mesh Construction Traffic Sign - Be Prepared To Stop

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Universal bracket, black, lightweight
Auto-latch bracket, for use working along secondary roads or inner city streets
Auto-latch bracket, telescopic legs, NCHRP350 approved
Rigid bracket, telescopic legs, NCHRP350 approved
Universal bracket, telescopic legs, NCHRP350 approved
Aluminum coupling, 2' extension tube, black
Item #: XTR-SM4848BPTSOC

Product Info

Brand: Bone Safety Signs

Non-reflective Signs provide excellent daytime visibility. Anti-kiting straps eliminate sail effects caused by wind. Include heavy-duty rib assembly. Hook and loop storage strap keeps signs rolled up when not in use. This non-reflective fluorescent orange mesh construction traffic sign reads, BE PREPARED TO STOP and measures 48"x48".

Item Specifications

  • Non-Reflective Fluorescent Orange
  • 48" x 48"
  • 5.00 lbs per EA

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