Don't let the work stop just because it's a little chilly outside. Stay productive with our favorite winter products.
They'll keep you going in the rain, wind, cold or snow. And as always, be safe out there!


  Coated Gloves 

Comfort, protection and good dexterity. PVC, PU and nitrile options. Dipped over a warm liner to create an excellent general purpose, cold weather glove.

  High Performance Gloves 

These lightweight, stylish and comfortable gloves are durable and insulated. A great alternative to basic work gloves with a more secure fit.

  Leather Gloves 

A seasonal spin on an old classic, leather palms are the workhorse in the glove world. Get more life out of your gloves with these lined options.

  Liquid Proof & Chemical Gloves 

Need a barrier from a variety of hazardous chemicals? Still want to feel your fingers, too? We have cold weather options available!

  Glove Liners 

Combine liners with gloves for added warmth, protection and keeping your fingers nimble when bulkier gloves need to be removed.

Hand Warmers 

Occumnomix Heat PaxTM stay 30% warmer than leading brands after 10 hours. Safe, ordorless and ultra thin for comfortable use.


Coats, Jackets & Vests 

Work warm and comfortably with clothing from Carhartt, Helly Hansen, Tingley, Under Armour and more!

Hi-Viz Bomber Jackets 

Stand out and stay warm with our variety of bomber jacket styles and top brands from Occunomix, ML Kishigo, Tingley and C Street.

Hi-Viz Sweatshirts 

Get style and safety from our wide selection of comfortable hi-viz sweatshirts. Pullovers, zip-ups and quarter-zips are great options for when there's a chill in the air.


From ponchos to hi-viz rainsuits with Class E pants (that's "Class E" not "classy"), stay protected from the elements while you work. 

Beanies & Balaclavas 

In cold temps your head has the potential to lose up to 50% of your body heat if not properly covered. Keep in the heat with a beanie, balaclava or both!

Ice Traction 

Ice traction footwear helps keep your feet on the ground in treacherous outdoor winter conditions. A variety of choices available for your work environment.


Toe Warmers 

Occunomix Heat Pax Toe Warmers are 25% warmer in the first two hours of use with 6 hours total of full power. Safe, odorless and ultra thin for comfortable use.


Road Runner Ice Melt 

Starts melting immediately when applied in
temperatures down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Industrial BlueTM Ice Melt 

Instantly melts ice and snow in temperatures down to
-10 degrees Fahrenheit. Blue coloring helps prevent

SnowBrum Automobile Snow Remover 

A favorite tool for our employees here in New England. Extension handle helps get hard to reach areas and foam head doesn't leave scratches or scuffs either!


Snow Roof Rake 

Great for heavy-duty snow removal.
Durable and extends up to 14 feet!