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Lockout Stations and Tagout Centers

Keep all your master locks and tagout signage together with Masterman's selection of National Marker Company items. Assure effective communication with tagout tags and signs that are available with bilingual options. Store everything in cabinet or even carry your items in a small kit.
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Electrical Lockout Center W/Contents - LOT-LOK2

NMC Electrical Lockout Center

Item # LOT-LOK2
Brand: National Marker Company
1ea yellow backboard, 1ea wire basket, 1ea tool box, 1ea single plug outlet, 1ea 1-1/2’’ diameter hasp, 2 ea 3/4’’ padlocks, 1ea ID label pack (IDL1), 10ea LOTAG10 tags w/fasteners, 1ea lockout handbook, 2ea grip tight circuit breaker lockouts, 1ea wall switch plate lockout
Lockout Center Mini W/Supplies - LOT-MLO1

NMC Mini Lockout Center

Item # LOT-MLO1
Brand: National Marker Company
1ea center, 6ea 3/4’’ shackle color-coded padlocks (1 each – black, blue, green, red, white & yellow), 1ea 1-1/2’’ safety lockout hasp, 1ea 1’’ safety lockout hasp, 10ea LOTAG1 lockout tags
16in x 14in Electrical Lockout Center - LOT-LORK2

NMC Lockout Center Sign w/Basket

Item # LOT-LORK2
Brand: National Marker Company
Wire basket, 16" x 14"
19in x 24in Lockout Station Board With - LOT-LOS20

NMC Lockout Station

Item # LOT-LOS20
Brand: National Marker Company
Yellow, 19" x 24"
Lockout Center Mini Empty - LOT-MLO

NMC Lockout Center Sign

Item # LOT-MLO
Brand: National Marker Company
15-1/2" x 14"
Lockout Center Bilingual Mini W/Supplies - LOT-MLO1BI

NMC Bilingual Mini Lockout Center

Brand: National Marker Company
Lockout Center Station Only - LOT-LOTO

NMC Lockout Safety Center

Brand: National Marker Company
Center only
Lockout Center Station W/Contents - LOT-LOTO1

NMC Lockout Safety Center

Item # LOT-LOTO1
Brand: National Marker Company
Center with contents