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PIP Traverse 280-HP1491RM-01 White Climbing Helmet

PIP Traverse White Climbing Helmet 280-HP1491RM-01
Item #: NPI-280-HP1491RM-01

Product Info

Brand: PIP
Alt Part #: NPI-HP1491RM-01

The PIP Traverse 280-HP1491RM-01 industrial white climbing helmet is an ANSI Certified Type II, Class E industrial climbing helmet, which offers superior impact protection while working at heights or in confined spaces. This hard hat has a super lightweight ABS shell with an integrated EPS inner shell foam liner that works in conjunction with a highly adjustable 4-point HDPE inner suspension, which provides exceptional protection from top of head and lateral impact hazards. The Traverse Mips (Multi-Impact Protection System) offers a low friction layer that allows the head to move inside the helmet (10mm – 15mm relative motion in all directions), which can redirect the harmful rotational motion otherwise transferred to the head. The rugged non-slip adjustable SURE-LOCK wheel ratchet ensures proper suspension performance and effortless fit for all head sizes. This Traverse white climbing helmet is sold individually.

Item Specifications

  • Cap Style
  • Wheel Ratchet
  • White
  • E
  • 18 EA/CS
  • ANSI Z89.1 Type 1

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